About Me – Who is Psychic Medium Sea Heart?

Sea Heart Story

Are you curious to know Psychic Medium Sea Heart? ok, I have started my spiritual journey at the start of 2000. It was such an amazing experience. I would love to share my experience with you. Then, I met some peoples during my childhood who predict the future through palm lines. I was very curious about this, I had a lot of curiosity to learn how can someone tell about a person through the palm lines.

Unfortunately, it was the time when we had no internet facility to search about these things. So, I started to learn from peoples. I saw the old people’s palms and asked about their past. With this trick I have learnt a lot. It was such a difficult process but it was a great experience. Then I got some books related to palmistry and learn more things.

After some year when I got the internet facility, I know about astrology. I met some peoples who have some knowledge about astrology. They teach me the basics. At that time, I thought that Palmistry is much better than astrology. But with the time I realize that astrology is deeper than palmistry. We can read a lot about other with the help of astrology.

I had no mentor but I learnt from peoples. I predict peoples and they surprised how do I know all these things. Many peoples message me after years and tell me “oh Sir you were absolutely right”. Then I left the astrology practice for some time because of my career.

After some time, I feel some strange things, I feel that I can see the things before happens. Many times, I feel it correctly. I researched about this and then I read about my past life and I found out that I have these gifts from my past life. I was a Spiritual Healer and Mentor in my past life.

So, I started more practice and meditation to clear my gifts and make them stronger. It took years but now I am able to help others with my healings and reading gifts. If you are confused about your Spiritual journey and you need any help, you can contact me anytime.